Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Providence Acres Farm Recommends.....

Providence Acres Farm recommends the following farm blogs:

Ottawa Hortiphilia (Canada)
An enabling site for the horticulturally obsessed. Life around my urban plot is green! (except in the middle of winter in Canadian zone 5a then it's mostly sludgy brown and white.)

Chickens in the Road (West Virginia, USA)
Life in Ordinary Splendor
It was a cold wintry day when I brought my children to live in rural West Virginia. The farmhouse was one hundred years old, there was already snow on the ground, and the heat was sparse-—as was the insulation. The floors weren’t even, either. My then-twelve-year-old son walked in the door and said, “You’ve brought us to this slanted little house to die."
Rural Living Principle and Practice

Mary Janes Farm
Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic
Here is where I'll share my ideas, gardening tips, crafting, sewing, carpentry, home decorating, entertaining ideas and simple solutions for everyday organic. The inspiration for this section was born when a woman told me, "I wish I could have your life!" I thought, "Why not?"

The New Agrarian

When I was in my twenties I got it into my head that I wanted to be a part-time farmer — farm part time and write part time, a “career” I might still find ideal, if far less practical than I once thought. I don’t have a lot of interest in going “back to the land.” I like living within easy reach of libraries, art museums, Thai food, interesting music and a good tattoo shop. I also like producing some of my own food and being able to walk out of my door into the woods. This website is mostly about my efforts to have it both ways. Read on »

Keepin' It Rural
"I'm gonna visit those foreclosin' sonofaguns down at the Indianola Savings and Loan and slap that cash down on the barrelhead and buy back the family farm. Hell, you ain't no kind of man if you ain't got land." -Delmar from "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

Dry Creek Chronicles
Letters to scattered family and friends

An Emergent Agrarian

One man's journey from the Corporate to the Agrarian for the sake of Faith and Family.

Sugar Mountain Farm (Vermont, USA)

Stories from a small farm in Vermont's mountains raising pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs and kids naturally on pasture.

This Garden is Illegal (Ohio, USA)

Gardening isn't a hobby, it's an obsession.

A gardener in the suburbs Cleveland, Ohio waxes on and off about her garden, the flowers, what she wants to do in her yard and how it all fits into her everyday life.

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Rural France
Blogs about France

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