Thursday, 30 September 2010

Gilroy Farms, NSW, Australia (5000 acres; dryland broadacre cropping)

Ben Boughton helps run his family's dryland broadacre farm in northern New South Wales, Australia.

My wife being Australian (in fact she's off to extend our European summer by taking our two boys for three weeks to see family and friends in Australia late October) it's always a pleasure to feature Aussie farmers.

Especially from NSW, because she's a Wagga girl - a big farming town in NSW. (Called Wagga Wagga, it's so good they named it twice, but beyond the joke it means 'place of many crows' in the local aboroginal language.)

But back to Ben. He's been updating a page for each crop with photos as it grows.

Here's the link to Ben's Gilory Farms about 50 km of Moree in Northern NSW.

They have 5,000 acres of dryland cropping, including Faba beans, barley, wheat and chickpeas.

It's a simple blog, but gives one a good impression of dryland farming and the vagaries of the Australian weather.

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