Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Arcadian Advocate (UK) Recommends

"Here are some blogs I visit often although many others I read are listed already on your site," writes the Acardian Advocate - some good recommendations here.

Warmwell (UK, general news for farmers)

Extremely informative, and an invaluable tool, an absolute must - a daily read on both pages- all about farming issues
From (Home) Farm to your Fork! (Gloucestershire, England)
HRH Prince Charles' Farm Manager writes this one. It is very informative.

Ramblings (Devon, England)
Life in Devon: murblings on farming, food, animals, art, books, politics & stuff

This is a regular read from an English smallholding, and she writes really well

Field Day - Tim Relf's Quirky News Round-up from the Countryside (UK - part of Farmer's Weekly magazine site)

This one is always fun and informative

Tiny Farm (Ontario, Canada)

You seem to have just listed this one already, but it has lovely pictures and they are passionate about growing delicious veg.

A Place in the Auvergne

A Place in My Country
Ian Walthew

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Rural France
Blogs about France

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