Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Arcadian Advocate (Wiltshire; 1500 acres; Mixed - cereals, cattle, sheep, pigs, beans, rape) - Recommender

Arcadian Advocate is a relatively new blog from England in the U.K., but I'm already checking in on it.
What I like about it is that it gets inside the daily workings and thoughts of a relatively large (by farm blog standards) farmer but anyone whose goal is "to enthuse, inform and comment on all things rural and agricultural" gets my support automatically.

The blog covers: farming, how food is produced, local food, food security, food miles, countryside, fly tipping, animals, people, regulations, nature, bio fuels, AND all sorts of other things.

Up until now Arcadian Advocate's "daily tasks have been to look after the family, keep careful accounts and also in busy times to help outside on the farm".

However, "she currently feels so strongly that both farmers and farming are constantly misrepresented she has taken off her pinny (apron) and picked up her pen."

The farm itself is over 1500 acres and what I like about it is that (unusually now in England for farms of this size in the part of England where she is based) it is a mixed farm. Hallow be.

"We grow wheat, barley,oats, field beans, and oil seed rape [canola]. We also keep cattle, sheep and pigs and make hay and silage. We feed home grown rations wherever possible."

The blog is currently very text heavy but more pictures are promised shortly; it's only a month or so old, but I recommend checking it out, not least of all to encourage Dorothy to keep going with it. It's just the type of blog I have been looking for from the UK and hadn't yet found.

Personally I hope she focuses on the farm and her direct experiences and doesn't wander too far into all matters rural/political but that's for her to decide and us to find out!

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