Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Have you written to Farm Blogs From Around the World Recently?

If you have written to Farm Blogs recently, recommending other blogs or your own and are yet to receive a reply from me, my apologies.

The truth is I am drowning in writing work for a deadline at the end of this year and my wife has been away for 3 weeks in Australia with our daughter visiting her family. Leaving me with our two young rascals, the boys aged 4.5 and 2.5 to look after. (Family trips of 5 to Australia these days don't come cheap!)

I haven't forgotten about you, but it may be some time before I get around to contacting you and your blog recommendations. Indeed, when my wife returns this Saturday, I am going into hospital next week for a knee operation on Wednesday 19th November, will be there for 5 days, and then laid up in bed for 2 weeks. And then it's Christmas...!

So please bear with me. I aim to be putting much more time into Farm Blogs from Around the World from the New Year, so don't think, if I've gone all quiet on my email or postings, that this project is over.

It's still very much alive, I enjoy it greatly and aim to grow it as much as I can in 2009.

Your patience please!!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a service you are providing to farm blog readers and writers!

I have just starting officially blogging after keeping a farm website for years. I'd appreciate you considering adding me to your list and I'm linking to your fine blog.


Many thanks for the work you do.

Emily Gibson (Washington, USA)