Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back to Basic Living (Recommended)

Thanks to Penny for the following:

You can read about us and the beginning of our adventure in homesteading on our website at http://www.backtobasicliving.com/aboutus.html.

Briefly, after years of dedicating our lives to making more money and being "successful" in the corporate world, we awoke one morning and took stock of where we were and the cost of getting there (in terms of our quality of life and physical/emotional state), and asked ourselves if it was worth it.

Although we had achieved our goals in terms of income and corporate "success", we decided to leave it behind and get back to basic living. In doing so we have increased our self sufficiency and our quality of life.

My husband quit his job when we moved to our homestead, and I work from home.

We live on 65 acres in a small double wide trailer.

We have two dogs and two cats, and we raise 23 chickens. We grow our own vegetables, eat deer from our property, and focus on eating more naturally. We heat our home with a wood burning stove and wood from our property. I make home made bath products (www.pennylanebath.com) to bring in a little extra money.

The state of our economy and government concerns us greatly, and we know that as things get worse in this country and around the world, we can only count on ourselves to pull through it.

The goal of our blog (www.backtobasicliving.com/blog) and website (www.backtobasicliving.com) is to document our adventure into homesteading, provide step by step instructions for activities other homesteaders may be interested in, and share our day to day life in the hopes that those yearning to get back to basic living will be encouraged to pursue their dream.

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