Sunday, 1 February 2009

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley Recommends..

recommends the following blogs:

Seasons Eatings Farm (U.S.A, Maine)
Seasons Eatings Farm is located in rural Washington county, Maine. We own 45 acres of mostly forested land. The market garden is one acre of intensively grown land.

The Shambles under Highland Butte (U.S.A, Oregon)
Life on a small farm in Oregon

The Modern Homestead US (General Resources, U.S.A.)
This site is dedicated to the skills and philosophy for more self-reliant living. Whether you have access to fifty acres or only a patio pot, you have the opportunity to produce more of your own food for yourself and your family, to enter more fully into the yearly cycle, and to know your place in the web of life.

Back to Basic Living (U.S.A)
Our adventure into Homesteading and getting back to basic living. Life is tough, but living doesn’t have to be.

Farmgirl Fare (U.S.A, Missouri)
Recipes, stories, and photos, from my crazy country life on 240 remote Missouri acres.

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Rural France
Blogs about France

Paris / Montmartre/ Abbesses holiday / vacation furnished apartment rental

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