Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sweet Local Farm, MA, USA (Recommended)

I've been checking outwww.sweetlocalfarm.comafter Luke,  from the farm and blog wrote to me.

This is what he had to say:

Sweet Local Farm is an idea as much as it is a place. It is our response to growing up in the suburbs, moving to the city, but having this nagging feeling that there was a better way to live. Our grandmothers were born on farms. They ate food they grew and drank milk they raised. As children of the 1980’s and 90’s, we are a generation raised on processed foods. Inspired by the modern local food movement, we planted a garden in our small urban yard. We enjoyed the fresh, affordable, sustainable food so much that we wanted grow food on a larger scale.

Sweet Local Farm is the three acre homestead where we are learning to be self sustaining. It is located in Western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley, USDA zone 5b.
Sweetlocalfarm.com is where we document the challenges and joys of learning to live, in some ways, more like our grandmothers.

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http://www.TerpCreek.com said...

Nice barn in the photo. I love drawing farm things and barns are one of my passions. Some day I am going to have a large barn. Have a great day. TerpCreek.com

Layog's Farm said...

I love the idea of establishing a farm blog network around the world with the objective of sharing and learning from each other's farm experience. I would be happy to help out in ways I could