Sunday, 4 October 2009

Where have I been?

Is it really last June that I last posted? Seems so. The results of a glorious summer and completing the first draft of a new novel (now done; now needs to be knocked into shape).

October here - a record year for walnuts, our trees our groaning. Sadly two bad hail storms wiped out what looked like to be a spectacular blackberry harvest (our favourite jam). Made up for it with much more time consuming elderflower berry jam.

Getting the new pigs in soon and will be firing up the apple press to make about 100 litres of juice in a couple of weeks. (In the meantime making a LOT of apple chutney.)

The cows came down off the mountains a week ago last Wednesday and will soon be back in our fields.

Chickens breeding with results off the incubator and the rabbits are up to 17 so will have to kill a few and freeze before the snow.

Two new second hand wood stoves installed and logs ready; a little splitting to finish and then tractor away before the snow (any time from Nov. 1st.)

Hoping the broken knee ligament, fixed in operation, will hold up this ski season...

Now to sort through a few old Farm Blog emails...


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