Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wilmoth Farms, Kentucky, USA (RECOMMENDED)

It was so long ago and I have been so useless I can't remember who recommended Wilmoth Farms but someone must have.

Anyway, here is a little info on them kindly supplied to Liz at Madbush Farm in NZ, I don't know how long ago.

As it happens the main farmer character in my book (currently selling so well in the USA it is ranked 1,791, 514 at is called Norman. Why this should be remotely relevant I don't know but I mention it in passing as Mr. Wilmoth is called Norman.

(BTW did you know that if say 2 people in the United States bought my book on Amazon when they read this post, my ranking would probably go to about 200,000. If 10 people did, it would go to about 20,000 and if 20 did, to about 2,000. That's about all you need to know about Amazon rankings - they tell you whether you are alive or dead and in the USA I am def. dead. If every user of this blog bought a copy, reviewed it on Amazon and then emailed ten friends recommending it, it would be on the NYT best seller list out of nowhere and my no hoper publishers - actually one of the biggest publishers in the world - would look incredibly silly. Simple really.)

Onwards and over to Mrs. Wilmoth:

Wilmoth Farms is a beef cattle and cropping farm located in central Kentucky. In total are approximate 1000 acres of pasture for 200 head of cattle, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat. We currently have a mix of mostly Angus and Marchigiana (a hardy Italian breed of cattle). We live in a small farming community about 25 miles from town.
We grow a big garden that we enjoy year round and we are slowly working at becoming self sufficient. We are a Christian family of 4.
My farmer Norm, he runs the whole place and the kids and I help when we can. I paint and try my hand at photography. And I make handmade goat milk soaps and such that I sell around town and online. I began to blog a year ago or more to document life on a Kentucky farm. I try to tell what's going on with the farming that we do, information about anything cattle, and our farm life.
We also have 5 horses, a chicken (yes more are coming soon), a rabbit, our chocolate lab Levi, 2 Maine Coon cats, and 2 wonderful barn kitties!

I have links to my other blogs there are well: my photography blog is and my handmade soap blog is

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