Sunday, 4 October 2009

What do I know about locally bred Malaysian Boer Goats?

Actually, not very much.

That is until I was contact by Azam at asking if his blog could be self-recommended and added to our blog roll.

Azam, the truth of the matter is that I've nothing against farm bloggers who use their blogs in part to sell their product but if it's just a commercial blog and not very frequent, then, the answer is generally no.

For example I recently refused a link to a company blogging about their own no doubt excellent product which was pre-made plastic compost making machines - or something. The guy was very nice and polite and I feel a bit bad, but his blog didn't really hit the mark.

Nor does this one, but then, on the other hand, how often do you get to find out about Malaysian boer goats?

Not very often in my experience so for the goat lovers out there amongst you - of which I know there are many - I devote this to you:

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