Sunday, 4 October 2009

Can you recommend yourself?

That's the question asked by Kate at Daylesford Organics.

Can you recommend yourself?

The answer to that is a strict and definite rule which is:


But as I'm not much of a believer in small rules of no importance and because Kate asked me this question about five years ago and I've only just replied and because I can't stand the whole concept of blog etiquette, what the heck?
Is the world going to end? No.

So Kate, consider yourself recommended.

HOWEVER - I will be deeply upset if you do not send me a brief email recommending your five favourite farm blogs - their full names, urls, what they're about and why you like them (in a sentence or two and where they are).

Because the idea of this blog is organic growth - recommended people in turn recommend others.

And finally, you must be one of the 2 people to buy my book referred to in the following self-serving post. Actually that last request is optional.


Brendon Eisner & Kate Ulman
Growers of fresh produce,
certified organic by NASAA
Licence Number 3500

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daylesford organics said...

So does this mean I have 5 years to get back to you with my answers?