Monday, 28 December 2009

Self-Recommenders for Farm Blogs

It's been a long time since I've been able to recommend some good new blogs.

This is because either people who have been recommended and added to the blog roll have not come back to me with their own recommendations OR because people who have recommended themselves have not come back to me on my emails about being added to the blog roll.

The whole idea of Farm Blogs is that good bloggers recommend even better ones that are not already listed.

So when someone asks to be listed (referred to as self-recommended) I send them an email - if I think their blog is good - asking them for some basic information and for their own recommendations of blogs they like apart from their own:

Dear X,

I'd love to feature your blog and add you to the blog roll but first I would
ask you to send me your favourite top five farm blogs that are not already
listed. The idea is that Farm Blogs grows organically with the good
recommending the better, who I then in turn contact and ask for their
recommendations. To be truthful, I'm often surprised at how many people want
to get featured but wont take the time to follow the basic principal of Farm
Blogs which is to recommend others, so hence I send this email.

All I'd need is:
a) permission to use five pics for a one time use on my blog when I write
about you.
b) a couple of paras about your farm and blog
c) your top five recommendations with the blogs full name; url; and a
sentence on why you like it. (Also their location.)

I then do five things:
a) a post about you
b) a post about your recommendations
c) list your recommendations and you
d) contact your recommendations and ask them to recommend.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,

I have to say I am surprised how many people want to be listed on Farm Blogs and take the time to contact me, but who do not take the time to write back to me.

Which is hardly in the spirit of the Organic Growth of Farm Blogs from Around the World.

If I have missed your replies (and I am sorting this out over Christmas and New Year) my apologies for not having followed up. Kate & Brendon @ Daylesford Organics - sorry: will do a post soon....


Recently, I have received emails from the following bloggers asking to be listed on the blog roll and when they reply to the email aboveI will be happy to do a posting on them and on their recommendations, and add them to the blog roll.


Shelly said...

You can check out my blog at
I am new to blogging but have been reading a few for awhile now. Mostly in the USA but a few nice ones anyway. I am still learning anyway.
Thanks fro your time and hope to hear from you soon

Eden's Farmer said...

Shout out of thanks to my old classmate and fellow farmer Robert Haugland in IL for recommending my blog to your collection - and thank you to Ian for including it! Keep on farming! Marie

Yuri said...

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