Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Cabbage Tree Farm (NZ) (Recommendation)

The Cabbage Tree Farm blog aims to describe some of the day to day happenings on their 10 acre piece of rural land in Northland, New Zealand.

Their priority is to produce for themselves as much fresh, natural food (i.e. not sprayed with pesticides) as they can.

They moved from the city onto their ‘block’ (short for lifestyle block, the common NZ description of their land) in mid 2006.

They are working on the land: establishing an orchard, trying to maintain a good year round supply of vegetables and herbs in their garden, landscape our surroundings for privacy and wind protection, and raise a small number of stock.

At present they have their own supply of fresh eggs, some meat from their chickens and 5 cows (for meat later).

They are striving towards being more self sufficient. They're interested in growing food, hunting/fishing and gathering.

Future projects could include bee keeping, cheese making, making homemade wine, various crafts such as candle making (beeswax) and weaving flax (Phormium tenax) baskets.

The majority of my posts are recipes. Also they post details of progress (and failures!) in their veg garden and orchard, and details of other projects they're doing around their farm.

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