Sunday, 28 February 2010

Alpaca Farmgirl Recommends...

It's pretty slack I know, to receive an email from someone in February of 2009 and only dealing with it 12 months later. My only excuse is that in 2009 I completed a 200,000 word novel. Beyond that, shame on me.

Alpaca Farmgirl , long featured on this blog, has the following recommendations. Here they are. Katy - sorry for my tardiness.

The Inadvertent Farmer This is a beautiful blog written by a lady who has various farm animals and a camel. She posts recipes with gorgeous photographs on her blog

St. Fairsted Farm This blog is about farming, rural issues, and food. She gives good tips and have nice photos.

Life on a Southern Farm This is a blog that documents many farming tasks and has a real authentic quality to it.

Rooster Hill Farm This blog has introduced me to some aspects of farming. I particularly loved the visit from the AI (artificial insemination) Guy in his cow painted vehicle.

Honest Farm Inspirational blog with gorgeous photography, recipes, and great food ideas. She promotes buying your food locally.

Hope that helps grow the farmblogs around the world.

Best Regards,,
Alpaca Farmgirl

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