Sunday, 28 February 2010

Updates on Farm Blogs from Around the World.

Sorry folks for being off-line for so long, but I've been absorbed in finishing a novel which has just gone off to my agent.

Last week it was time to kill and butcher our pigs (we make mainly charcuterie) but now finally, some time for Farm Blogs from Around the World.

Firstly, my apologies to all those people who have written to me with recommendations or self-recommendations and haven't heard from me.

However in other posts I've made this morning you'll find I've got someway into doing some new profiles of new blogs and their recommendations.

I've also written to a number of self-recommenders who have asked to be included on Farm Blogs but who haven't given me more info on their blog (some text to use for a profile), permission to use some pics from their blog, and crucially, their 5 OWN RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BLOGS THAT ARE NOT YET LISTED ON THE BLOG ROLL, with the full name and url of each, and a sentence on why they like them (for examples, please see some recent posts below).

Tammy, Marie, Mike and Erin: hoping to get you and your recommendations done this coming week at the latest.

Shelly, Ken, Kendra, Donna, Kathy, Mike, Claire, John, Deborah: I've written to you explaining the way Farm Blogs works and I'm looking forward to hearing from you so that I can do a post on not only your blog but also your recommendations.

The whole idea is that this site grows organically: good bloggers recommend better ones...

P.S. If you're a fan of Farm Blogs from Around the World ( and you're listed on my blog roll, please would you be kind enough to put me on your blog roll?

P.P.S If you're a real big fan, please help support Farm Blogs from Around the World (a non-profit site which doesn't let commercial bloggers on) by buying, and hopefully reviewing my book A Place in My Country and this blog on your own blog. A Place in My Country is available at:

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