Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sweet Local Farm Recommends

Luciano's fiance at Sweet Local Farm spends a lot of time reading about other farms. These are her top 5 (and as ever I stress her top five because I AM NOT personally recommending Martha Stewart!).

Tiny Farm Blog -
TFB is the first farm blog I found. Since I own a tiny farm, I can relate to the day to day chores and trials at this farm. I like the photography included in each post. This farm is in Canada, so I know I'm behind schedule when they are doing things I should have done 5 weeks before.

Surviving on Massachusetts-
This little local food/garden blog is great. I relate to the writer because she lives in my state and is about my age. She also leaves me great comments!

Skippy's Vegetable Garden -
All time favorite gardening blog! Kathy updates all the time and takes great aerial shots of her home garden and community garden. I also like the radish and cucumber martinis she features.

Rachels Tiny Farm-
This is a fascinating blog for an east coast farmer to read because she is located in Arizona. She can grow citrus, she has a completely different growing season, but I can still relate to her. She is a "next generation farmer" and very talented artist.

The Martha Blog -
Although Martha Stewart blogs about many aspects of her life, she often writes about her farm in Bedford, NY. Her farm is what mine would look like if I had endless amounts of time and money. I'll keep dreaming.

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