Sunday, 28 February 2010

Land Strategies (UK) Self-recommender

I don't normally profile blogs that have a fairly evident commercial angle to their activity but I thought this one was interesting and worthwhile. is run by Colette Burke.

Although her company has it's own website she also runs this blog which provides a 'regular round up of news and comment about consumers, the food they buy and the places they buy from, aiming to provide British farmers with an easy way to keep up to date with consumer trends.'

After a 25 year career with Cadbury Schweppes Colette moved into the agricultural sector to see whether the marketing skills learnt at Cadbury could be applied to farming.

Following a spell at the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester, she started her own farmers marketing consultancy, Land Strategies. Her brother and she run a livestock farm together in the Scottish Borders.

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