Sunday, 28 February 2010

Daylesford Organics (Victoria, Australia) Self-recommender

Kate and Brendon wrote to me about their farm and blog and I'm happy to include it, not least of all because it's a fine blog, but also because they provided me with some text to use in profiling their blog, permission to use up to five photos from their blog and recommended their favourite blogs. (I usually ask for 5, they sent me 2, but who's counting? Well, me actually; I do like 5 new ones but as my wife is Australian, special dispensation.)

If you'd like to self-recommend, please do so on the above conditions. People who don't do this, I'm afraid I won't be able to profile and add to the blog roll because the whole idea of this blog is that bloggers (good ones) recommend other (hopefully better) ones.

P.S Having a problem uploading photos which I will get round to fixing sometime in this decade.

Over to Kate:

We are a Certified Organic mixed family farm in Daylesford Victoria. We focus on sustainability and biodiversity. We have orchards, market gardens, ducks and chickens. We work with the seasons and in any given year will produce up to 40 varieties of apples, hazelnuts, berries, free range eggs and up to 30 different vegetables often with several varieties of each. We enjoy growing heirloom varieties with lots of different flavours and colours as you can see by our carrots on the banner. We sell produce to local cafés and restaurants and at farmer's markets.
19 Foxs Lane
Muskvale VIC 3461
0411 040 412

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