Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cattle Call Farm Blog (WV, U.S.A.) Recommended

Cattle Call Farm Blog

Kathy live in West Virginia, United States. She just started blogging about her life on her family farm. She's new to the Internet and blogging.

As she is pretty much on call 24/7's with the farm, she thought blogging might help her meet people with the same interest.

The farm belonged to her dad, and now it has been passed on to Kathy. She's found out she has some pretty big shoes to fill. Thankfully at 83 her dad is still living and helping Kathy and her two girls run the farm.

'It's a lot of work', she writes, 'but it has big rewards.The blog started as a hobby in the winter, but I have met some really interesting people with the same love of animals I have. We also share great ideas and a lot of tips about farming.'

Kathy, that's a big undertaking and I salute you, both for the farming and embracing the blogging. Good luck and if you want to meet people, Farm Blogs from Around the World is very much the place to do it, and one of the reasons I set this blog up in the first place; because the reality is, many farmers are pretty isolated and very busy and the Internet has transformed their connectivity to other like-minded souls.

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