Monday, 1 March 2010

'Life on the Farm' aka Eden's Farm, Texas, U.S.A. (Recommended)

I was recommended to this blog by Robert and subsequently have heard from Eden's Farm herself. Here's what Marie has to say about her farm.
'Robert and I were classmates way back when in IL when we were kids - all the way from kindergarten through high school! And I recently visited his farm in IL after reconnecting via the infamous face book site. I am flattered that he recommended my blog to you and again that you accepted his suggestion. Thank you.

My farm consists of part horse boarding (ranch) and undevelopable as well as production farm. The current area fenced off from horses is about 2 acres, though the total property is just over 14. Currently, I produce market garden varieties depending on the season. The farm is located in Balch Springs, Texas, which is a rural, but growing faster than many would like it to, small city, just 20 minutes outside of downtown Dallas. There was no railroad here, so the community was built up around springs, hence the name, and was a heavily farmed and ranched community until not so long ago. More ranch probably than farm, although the soil I have been blessed with is great compared to the normal heavy "black gumbo" the majority of north Texas contends with.
My blog was started as a way to communicate with my farm's supporters. I have started this farm with the support of CSA and without it, I would not have a farm. I've taken to farming full time now, and desperately need to up my membership this winter or get a job. :(
I'm a new agriculturist, after a long stint as a horticulturist both personally and professionally, for over 20 years. I worked retail as well as landscaping biz before being bitten by the food growing bug. :) I am most proud of our use of renewable energy and plans to continue to expand its use to other areas and perfect what we have going now as it has its glitches to say the least. But it sure beats paying the electric company and using city water! ugh! '

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