Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Farm Blogs.Org (Self-Recommended)

'Farm Blogs was created for farmers by a real farm family. Each of the pictures on this page were taken on our family farm. You don't have to be a web developer to get your farm online with the tools that are available these days. If you are involved in agriculture and would like to start blogging about your farm, you can get yours here on Farm Blogs quickly and easily. We can even help you sell products on your blog with e-commerce.'

I was contacted by Mike Murhpy at Farm Blogs.org and this is what he had to say:

'We have a small family farm and raise sheep and cattle on pasture. We concentrate on breeds that work well for small farms. We also have a guardian llama who actually stands over the lambs when their mothers go get water in the first few days of their lives. He also patiently lays there and lets the lambs use his back to play king of the hill as they take turns jumping on him and knocking each other off. He does a great job of keeping coyotes and stray dogs away from the sheep, but so do our Scottish Highland cattle with their impressive horns. We raise pork , chicken, and eggs as well.

We started Farm Blogs at
http://www.farmblogs.org to give farms who may be daunted by getting their own website an option for easily getting their own blogs with either their own domain name, or theirname.farmblogs.org. If they know how, they can set up and maintain their blogs, or we can even help them get them set up and teach them how to easily maintain their blog.'

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