Wednesday, 11 June 2008

About 'Farm Blogs from Around the World'

I have no idea how many farmers' blogs there are out there - a lot I imagine - and as I like reading them, I thought it would be fun - and useful - to gather them in one place.

So, the purpose of this blog is very simple: to gather in one place links to farmers blogs from around the world.

Which is where you come in......

If you write a farm blog, and would like to say a few words about your farm and your blog, please write to me at info AT MOST importantly, please give me your recommended farm blogs and a sentence on each, so that I can link to them, contact them, and so it goes on....

If there are any books you would like to recommend, or online resources, then again, please email me and I will build this blog resource up from there.

This is an ambitious project, simply because of its scale. No doubt it will grow organically, but it's going to need the help of all the farm bloggers out there to make it work.

Initially, I will be providing link lists simply by country, but over time, I hope to fine tune this to include more precise locations within individial countries, and crucially, sort by type of farm.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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nita said...

I am blogging about our diversified farm in Oregon, United States. This land has been continuously farmed by my family members since its inception in 1881. Your worldwide farm blog idea is excellent.
Blog Name: Throwback at Trapper Creek,