Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Skoog Farm Journal

If you haven't been to Brockport, New York, now's your chance via The Skoog Farm Journal (see

Skoog Farm is located in Brockport, New York, a town of under 15,000 people. They have 6 horses, 2 dogs and 1 cat and grow organic vegetables, particularly German White Garlic.

Their house was built in 1853 and sits on a little over 5 acres.

There are two big gambrel roofed barns, a cabin and an indoor riding arena, built just 14 years ago.

At the moment, they have rhubarb, strawberries and spinach that they have been eating for the past couple of weeks.

They are very involved with our community as volunteers at the Senior Center, the Welcome Center (which is on the Erie Canal), the historical society and several other organizations.

They sell seed garlic and tend to give their other vegetables to several local families.

Through the Skoog Farm Journal, they have received comments from all over the world (and will hopefully be referring those visitors to!)

Lori is a big fan of Jon Katz and the Bedlam Farm (along with everything that goes on there).

If you want to know more about Lori and what goes on at Skoog Farm, click on the link to the Picasa web albums that is also below. Art Walks On Water is a big project Lori is working on and remarkably ambitious.

The Skoog Farm Journal

Art Walks On Water

Picasa Web Albums

Skoog Farm Website

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