Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Bedlam Farm Journal

The Bedlam Farm Journal has been recommended to me by more than one farm blogger.

Here are a few words about this blog ( from its creator and author, Jon Katz:

The Bedlam Farm Journal was inspired by old farm journals I collect from farms in the area. I thought a farm blog in the style of a farm journal might be useful, not only in my writing life, but to people interested in farms. So when I started taking photos, it really started to draw people, and I love doing it. I have 110 acres in upstate New York, and live in an 1861 -year-old farmhouse with four barns around and two steers, a cow, three dogs, three goats, two roosters, some chickens, four donkeys and 28 Tunis sheep. The place is really run by my border collie Rose.

Jon is also a published author, considerably more prolific than myself it must be said. Here's what's out there:

Izzy and Lenore: Two dogs, an Unexpected Journey, and Me (October, 2008, Villard)
Dog Days (Villard)
A Good Dog (Villard)
The Dogs of Bedlam Farm (Villard)
A Dog Year (Villard)
Running to the Mountain (Villard)

You can also buy his photos:

I have asked Jon for a few farm blog recommendations but he reports that he's sorry to say he doesn't really read other farm blogs much, although he will be checking into from time to time. If he comes across any he likes he will be passing them along to me, browsing time permiting.

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