Tuesday, 24 June 2008

City Bees Blog

Toni from City Bees Blog (http://citybees.blogspot.com/) started in 2005, the blog a chronicle of the beginning of his beekeeping adventures. It has since become a method to mentor other beekeepers, share stories, and build a community around connecting with nature wherever you are.

Toni lives in a major American city, but has beehives on the roof and at a monastery in town -- as well as a suburban historical site - along with four dogs, a cat, and a fish pond (presumably not on the monastery roof).

Toni isn't entirely sure whether this makes for a farmer "but it would sure be an honor".

Toni mostly follows beekeeper blogs and then theme blogs like "locavore eating" or CSAs. As for recommendations "I have to think about this a bit," Toni writes, but I await with interest: quality not quantity being the watchword of this blog....


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