Sunday, 22 June 2008

Church View Farm Recommends

OK, here are the farm blog recommendations from Church View Farm :

Ask Jackie
Practical advice from a writer for Backwoods Home magazine, life in rural Minnesota
The Baalands
Good info about raising Katahdin Sheep, Clear Spring, MD (IW: and a lot of non farming stuff)
Bedlam Farm Journal
A great writer, Jon Katz, about my age, nice photos (IW: linked)
City Bees Blog
Raising Honeybees in Metro DC
Dave Duffy Blogging
Editor of Backwoods Home magazine
Edible Nation
Connecting people with local foods
Farm Foody
Connecting Virginians with local foods (IW: you need to be a logged in member; not my thing.)
Farmgirl Fare
Missouri, great cook.nice photos
(IW: already on the link list)
Clusterf**k Nation
James Kunstler, outrage about the path the US is on, a warning to make a better future before its too late (IW: not sure this falls into my definition of a 'farm blog', but no doubt interesting stuff)
Plamadon, View from the Farm,
Practical poultry raising
Survival Blog
Dedicated, Strident and maybe just a bit scary in their pronouncements of being prepared (IW: Steve, I'm hearing you, but is about blogs about farming, not about the relative merits of a Glock over a Colt.)
Deliberate Agrarian
Herrick Kimball. Also in NY, family values, Christian agrarian

His list brings to mind a few thoughts.

Any non-farm specific blogs (e.g Edible Nation) will be linked under a general resources list.

Any non-farming specific blogs I'll have to take a view on.

As they say here in the Auvergne, 'Everybody their shit, God for everyone' which I think means everyone has their own opinions and problems but I'm not sure I want to make this blog 'political' or 'religous' with a capital P or R (tempting as it might be.)

From a quick look through the blogs we've got anarchists, libertarians, survivalists, leftists, Democrats, Republicans, 'rightists', Christians, Buddhists, omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, Yankees, mountain folk, wool spinners, artists, writers and I don't know what else, but all united in a love of the earth, farming, and a general vibe of peace and love, so let's keep it at that.

Not that I'm against survivalists, part-time homesteaders or anybody who isn't a fully-fledged farmer, but generally I am trying to focus on farmers' blogs. I think. But as I always say, I reserve the right to change my mind.