Monday, 23 June 2008

Farmfoody.Org: "Food is unimaginably complex."

I've added as a resource link to this blog, at the suggestion of a farm blogger.

Here are a few words about from Steve Knoblock, co-developer and co-founder.

"In a nutshell, provides a social network to independent farms and their customers, who we like to call 'foodys' (after foody in the domain name). We believe this will help independent farmers communicate more easily with their customers as well as allow customers to express their interests in farm food and keep connectedwith local farms. Not only a social network, we try to match up farms with potential customers similar to dating services by using tags and keywords. Locality plays an important role, since we provide maps to customers of their favorite farms and locality search. We wanted to created an interactive service for farms and customers, not a static catalog."

I like farmfoody's quote too: "Food is unimaginably complex." -- Michael Pollan

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