Sunday, 27 July 2008

Backlash brewing against ethanol in United States

OKLAHOMA CITY: "Why Do You Put Alcohol in Your Tank?" demands a large sign outside a gasoline service station here, which reassures drivers that it sells only "100% Gas.""No Corn in Our Gas," advertises another station nearby.Along the highways of this city, and elsewhere in the United States, a mutiny is growing against energy policies that heavily support and subsidize the blending of ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, generally made from corn, into gasoline.Many consumers complain that ethanol, which constitutes as much as 10 percent of the fuel they buy in most states, hurts the efficiency of their cars and chokes the engines of their boats and motorcycles.As ethanol has spread around the country to reduce the consumption of petroleum, gas station owners and wholesalers are catering to concerns about ethanol that are often exaggerated but not entirely unfounded. High gas prices seem to be helping them plant seeds of doubt in customers' minds.

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rwhite said...

Highly coincidental that in an oil producing state like Oklahoma that there is minimal support for ethanol-blended fuel? Hogwash. How is it that in Oklahoma cars, trucks, lawn mowers and more are stopping in their tracks, but just up the road in Missouri, which went to a 10% ethanol mandate this year, has yielded no such alarming mess? Perhaps it is because there is more ethanol produced there than petroleum? Wake up, People. Don't believe the hype coming from the petroleum industry, do your own research. Every gallon of gasoline sold in California, Missouri, Hawaii and Minnesota contains ethanol... why are there no problems there?

Adamgv said...

Those who raise gas prices are already killing our children. Take back our country! Acquire the Red Alert Newsletter.