Thursday, 24 July 2008

McDonald's posts $1.1 billion in profit on European sales

McDonald's, the world's largest restaurant company, posted a $1.19 billion profit in the second quarter, spurred by European sales of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.Sales at European outlets open at least a year advanced as the company sold higher-priced hamburgers in the Britain and snack-sized chicken sandwiches in France.

Where I live in the Auvergne, we don't have a MacDo as they call it here. I am told you need a catchment area of 20,000 people to support a MacDo.

But in our town of 14,000 we have 9 bakeries, 5 butchers, a thriving weekly market (check-out entries for Thursdays on, 2 fruit and veg shops PLUS 2 enormous supermarkets and an Aldi (discount supermarket).

Hope yet.

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