Monday, 25 August 2008

Amazing Graze Farm Recommends

Marci at Amazing Graze Farm recommends the following blogs. I'll let her comments on them speak for themselves, but as ever I will be contacting the bloggers and adding them to Farm Blogs.

Herrick is not only a great gardener, but also an inventor of wonderful garden tools and helps.

He then helps you learn to build them yourself.

Faith, Family & Livin' The Good Life.

If you explore the extensive archives you will discover a rich resource of down-to-earth inspiration & how-to information.

Scott is a dairy farmer who is taking the time to be with his children on their farm.

Homesteader Life is a blog about… Learning to live Simple, Seperate, and Deliberate lives.

Enjoying creation, but not worshipping it.

Eating, Drinking and Being Merry.

A Blog dedicated to berry pickin’, chicken pluckin’, buck skinin’, and building Christian Agrarian Culture.

Devoted to subduing the earth and replenishing it, bringing every thought captive to Christ, and restoring our republic.

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A Place in My Country
Ian Walthew

Paris / Montmartre/ Abbesses holiday / vacation furnished apartment rental

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