Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wrensong Farm (WA, U.S.A)

Wrensong Farm is on 5 acres in rural Washington State in the town of Monroe, nestled up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

It was recommended to me by Joan at Mud Ranch's Real Dirt and thanks to Tammy at Wrensong Farm to writing to me and allowing me to feature some photos of her farm.

"My blog is about my animal "addiction"," writes Tammy. "I have sheep (Jacobs and Shetlands), a donkey, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 emu, 28 chickens 16 guineas, a pair of Blue India peacocks, 3 turkey poults that are a mix of Auburn, Wild and Narragansett, and 6 Call Ducks (3 Black East Indies, 3 Snowys) on my pond."

"It also about the fun and trials of raising said livestock."

Tammy has "been animal obsessed since I could crawl (to the dismay of my mother's dogs)".

After moving to their current location in the Spring of 1998 her "2 and 4 legged animal family has grown. To pay for the feed and care of this family I have worked as a 777 aircraft inspector for the Boeing Co for almost 27 years."

Wrensong Farm is a relatively new blog, but that is part of its charm - new to blogging, a relatively young smallholding, beautiful country.

  • I am afraid that I have lost many of your recent emails, specifically any sent to me between 15th August 2008 and 26th August 2008. Obviously I am annoyed at my stupidity, but also offer my apologies for all those people who took the time to write to me at what is, for most people, a busy time of year.
  • If you did write to me between the above dates, I can only apologise, and ask you to re-send your email to me.

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