Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Nature's Harmony Farm Recommends

Nature's Harmony Farm was recommended to me by by 'Life on a Southern Farm' (

Located in Elberton, Georgia, Nature's Harmony Farm is a family owned, pasture-based, local-market sustainable farm. "We believe in orchestrating an environment harmonious with nature, where animals are treated with love and respect and are free to naturally express their characteristics," writes Tim Young to me in an email.

They produce:

  • Grass-fed Murray Grey Beef

  • Free Foraging Berkshire and Ossabaw Pork

  • Pastured Poulet Rouge Chickens

  • Pastured Free Range Eggs

  • Heritage Turkeys

  • Pastured Lamb

Nature’s Harmony Farm – It’s only natural to want food this good!

Their farm blog recommendation -

Many thanks to Tim at Nature's Harmony Farm - please drop us a photo now and again if you can.

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