Sunday, 10 August 2008

Farm Blogs Recommends One Green Generation

I had a check-out of Elements in Time: Creating Edible Landscape which was recommended to me by Lucy at SmallestSmallholding in England.

I loved Elements in Time, then saw that in fact they've started a new blog called
One Green Generation.

It is even better!

Melinda at
Elements in Time wrote on July 9th, 2008 that she will be keeping Elements in Time up for one year.

She wrote:

"At last... I'm singing, dancing, and giddy that this whole blog and host changing is over, and I can finally reveal the new blog....
It has a new name, too! Since my outlook on life and the future has changed somewhat over the past year, it was time for a new face and name. So, head on over to
One Green Generation and say a few words, let me know what you think!!"

I recommend you do....

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