Monday, 25 August 2008

Melissa Hart the Knolltop Farm Wife Recommends

Melissa Hart the Knolltop Farm Wife recommended Chewing the Cud by Amanda Nolz.

"She is a great gal!" wrote Melissa.

Well, unless Melissa has given me the wrong url, this blog doesn't seem to be much ado about farming. So I'm happy to give it a mention, but I'm not linking it. This is about food and farming. Sorry Melissa.
yawp! Or as they say: hello.
Thank you for visiting our home.chewing the cud is a story depicted in the mediums of paper, apparel, and accessories. The tale is a celebration of all things unique; sometimes bold and dramatic; other times a soft whisper, or a playful hint of spice. The ending is always a kaleidoscope of inspired possibilities, and that, is how we like to see our world.
Why chewing the cud, you ask? We like to ask "why," and then we like to ask, "why not." chewing the cud defines that moment of meditation before taking a calculated leap. For the most part, we remember to bring our wings.running in the rain. flip flops. spotted feathers. cookbooks (with lots of photographs). steamed custard. square wreaths. laughing out loud. stripes and dots. tongue-scorching hot sauce. freshly picked lavendar. foldable bags. foggy mornings. pleats. wet clay. starry nights. crooked lines. books and blankets. white daisies. movies in the park. french macaroons. cigar boxes. dark roast coffee. lazy sundays. did I say coffee? ... and these are a few of our favourite things.

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