Friday, 8 August 2008

The Recommendations of Bloggers

Matt's great writing on my previous post reminded me of the large number of farm bloggers, particularly in the U.S.A, who are committed Christians. They often come from places traditionally associated with the so-called Bible Belt of America.

It's often the case that bloggers find community on the Internet and of course the same holds true for Christians. Part of the Christian faith, indeed an intergral part, is that they should endeavour to 'spread the word' which is, and has always been, fine by me.

I'd just like to make a general point to bloggers listed on Farm Blogs and their recommendations.

If you are recommending other farm blogs you enjoy, try and also include bloggers who perhaps aren't like you e.g a committed Christian, a rancher, a whatever.

By all means include them, but please try and mix it up if you can.

For everyone's benefit I'd like to avoid Farm Blogs from Around the World being dominated by any particular 'type' of farm or farmer.

This is a very ecumenical blog space and I'd like to keep to try and keep it that way, politcally, geographically, spiritually, agriculturally.

That all said, that's down to you, the recommenders: the policy of this blog is that the recommendations of a recommended blogger go up, provided they are on-topic.

Thanks for reading this public announcement!

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