Friday, 8 August 2008

Ran with the devil, Walked with angels

If you think life on your farm is tough, then check out Ran with the devil, Walked with angels from Texas, USA.

Bob was recommended to me by Hidden Haven Homestead.

Bob took time to write to me, and I think I'll let his words do the talking.

Ian, I wrote a whole letter in responce to your putting me ( on your blog roll but it got lost because I copied the email address and it uses AT instead of @. You can use any pictures you find on my blog with my full permission. As far as a description of the blog I'm not sure what to put. I'm a little upset at losing everything I wrote before because with this brain injury it can be a struggle and I can't remember what I said.

The blog is a journal that records the miracle of my life after being declared dead at the scene of the accident that put me in a coma. I'm still listed as a fatality by Oklahoma's highway patrol.

The second miracle is the restoration of my marriage after a seventeen year separation brought on by a previous traumatic brain injury. You can read that story on the "Love Story" link on my blog. Brain injury tore us apart and brain injury brought us back together.

So we are building a life on the family farm I inherited from my grandmother with only my disability pension, which puts us well below the poverty level. Add to that the issues of my traumatic brain injury and the fact that I am a city boy with no farming experience at all and it is quite an adventure.

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