Monday, 25 August 2008

David's Farm

Here's an email I received from Alan at David's Farm with more info on the farm and the blog. I've added a few pictures from their blog, but his email goes to the heart of what Farm Blogs is all about.


I am responding, belatedly, to your comments on the blog I am doing entitled, "David's Farm" (Gravity Hill Farm in Titusville, NJ).

A quick background summary.

My name is Alan Zaback and the Farmer David identified in the blog is my son. Thus, I am doing the blog as a proud father. As I have written the blog I have kept myself out of it.

Last year, as you might be aware from having read the posts, David was virtually a one man operation. During the course of the year I did most of the seeding and helped with picking some of the cherry tomatoes and some other general tasks. My wife and I did the Sunday morning market with David and I did the Thursday afternoon market with him. The same is true this year.

During the current season my tasks are more varied as David has the help that was mentioned in the most recent posting. I spend about 30 hours a week helping David at the farm.

Prior to David's becoming interested in farming, and then becoming an intern, and then managing Gravity Hill, I had little knowledge about, or much interest in, farming and the various issues pertaining to farming. I was unaware of the issues pertaining to local, sustainable, organic farming. Needless to say, that has certainly changed.

One of my goals in doing the blog was simply to chronicle what David has been/ is doing so that he can have a historical record of these events.

As I began doing the blog I also decided that another goal was to give any readers the awareness and appreciation of what goes into farming; something that I, as just mentioned, lacked.

I have taken a quick look at your farmblogs posting and am totally blown away by all that you have there. Since I work 30 hours a week, plus the 30 hours at the farm, I haven't had the time to go through your site in much detail. I am looking forward to November when I will have more time to catch up on a great many things, including your site.

Regarding your request that I put a link to your site on my blog, and mention your site in a posting, most certainly.

And thank you for putting a link to my blog on your site. I will put it into the next post that I do.

Yours in farming,


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