Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Raising Country Kids

Raising Country Kids ( has the strap-line: "This is real life on the farm with four kids".

Four kids?! I have three and I am exhausted and I don't run a farm. (My farming neighbours have five thus far!)

The blog is written by Erin and she and her husband farm and ranch with his parents on about 6,000 acres in central Montana.

They raise winter wheat, malt barley, alfalfa hay, and cattle. The operation also includes horses, dogs, chickens, and of course the four kids, ages 2 to 10.

They are are located in a very rural area of the country; the nearest shopping mall is a three hour drive. (Lucky them.)

Erin's blog chronicles their daily lives and gives her an outlet for her hobbies of writing and photography.

Farm Blogs

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