Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bush Babe (Central Queensland; reasonable sized cattle operation)

I've been lucky enough to get an email from Bush Babe, which has to be one of my favourite blogs, not least of all because my wife is Australian and we try and keep a bit of the Aussie in our kids from here in rural France.

Bush Babe

Bush Babe is a "crazily busy woman at the moment as we are preparing stud bulls for a number of sales so I am organising Genestar testing, EBVs, scanning and feeding regimes (as well as my normal roles)!!!"

Black Brangus bull

Let's start with her 'property' (Aussie speak for farm) which is "a reasonable sized cattle operation here in central Queensland".

By 'reasonable sized' you can take that to mean 'quite a few thousand acres' of Granite and scrub country.

The property runs "beef cattle - mostly Brangus and Brangus-cross cattle. We have a Brangus stud as well as a commercial herd. We muster by horseback only (no motorbikes or helicopters)."

Bush Babe blogs "not just about things cattle, but also about being a mum, returning to the land after living in the city for a couple of decades, about being a wife and a daughter and a photographer."

"While we face many challenges here (drought, prices, distance, costs) and I do touch on them occasionally," wrote Bush Babe, "I tend to focus on the people part and the joy I find in living here again (after being a city chick for a couple of decades). My passion is finding the connections with people from all different walks of life... and hopefully tapping into a little empathy for rural life as a whole."

So, like many of the bloggers on Farm Blogs from Around the World, she is not purely a farm blog.
"Do I still count??" asked Bush Babe.
The answer to that is yes, very much so.

I look forward to hearing Bush Babe's recommendations for some good Aussie farm blogs, 'pure' or not, when things are a little less crazy.



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