Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Organic Growing Pains (Ireland; allotment)

When I was back off with the fairies on holiday I missed this comment on Farm Blogs from Peggy at Organic Growing Pains in Ireland (Peggy sorry). So let me make ammends and bring a bit more attention to her blog.

Here's what Peggy had to say.

Thanks for being interested in my blog. I did not consider it a farm or small holding but just enjoy being outdoors and showing my grandchildren how our food is grown as my parents and grandparents did before me.

Hopefully they will have respect for the land and all growing things and a curiosity for life and living.

Allotments are not big in Ireland but are becoming increasingly sought after as we become more worried about where our food is coming from and how it is grown.

We live in a country where farmer's wives go to the local supermarket to buy 'fresh' veg imported from around the globe rather than tend a patch on their own land.

I am amazed at the people from all over the world who grow their own in various plots big and small and willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us online.

Peggy has some recommendations that I hope to be posting soon.

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