Tuesday, 2 September 2008


At Farm Blogs from Around the World I'm not in the business of accepting advertising or doing permanent links to commercial sites.

However, one or two do catch my eye that I think are at least worth posting about, and this is one of them.

www.countryfarm-lifestyles is a new site, currently run by an expatriate couple living in Abu Dhabi, but who have bought a small farm in Tuscany, in the Casentino Valley.

According to their founders, www.countryfarm-lifestyles "developed out of a need to unite farmers across the Internet and to give them a niche to advertise."

Country Living and Farm Lifestyles is a farm directory listing farm food, farm accommodation and farm services from farmers worldwide. Advertising rates are 12 GBP a year.

As to their farm in Italy, it is a new acquisition so they can change their lifestyles (having been on the ex-pat circuit for 15 years now), and they have just spent a month there this summer "trying to clear the land of 5 years of brambles, acacia and a myriad of other plants that all seemed to come armed with thorns of all descriptions."

I'm looking forward to reading a blog about their life there when they move there full-time. For now, a taste of what to expect.

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