Monday, 8 September 2008

Farm Market in western New York (7th September, 2008)

Thanks to The Skoog Farm Journal for these pictures of the local produce available at their local Farm Market in the in the village of Brockport, western New York (photos taken 7th September, 2008).

The market takes places every Sunday from 8-2, and was the idea of Carrie Maziarz, a young woman on the Village Board, about 4 years ago.

One of the streets is closed off and a dozen vendors/farmers bring in their goods.

"It starts in June", writes Lori, "and runs through the end of October, with this being the time when the variety is the greatest. The produce is less expensive than that found in the local super markets, and rain or shine, has a great following."

"We also have a bakery, a sausage maker, and a florist represented."

"One of the side benefits, is the socialization that is taking place. There are now umbrella tables set up for people to sit at and chat with their friends... it turns into real community experience and we love it."

"Here in western New York we have an amazing number of orchards and farms that grow a great variety of vegetables. The sun and rain may not have been good for making hay, but it sure was perfect for making gardens grow. The basket of veggies is from our own garden."

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Lori Skoog said...

Ian....this looks great! Thanks for posting it...a real blast of color, that's for sure.