Monday, 8 September 2008

"Silos, barns and the "family" farm… Where have they gone?"

I recently received an email from Douglas Stowell, a market consultant from Virginia, USA.


As many of the bloggers on Farm Blogs from Around the World are amateur and professional photographers, I thought what he had to say might be of interest.

Doug has set up a new web-site called the Photo Essay Network, "PEN".

"PEN" provides a creative outlet for ANY level writer with a digital camera to propose a subject, have editorial and technical assistance and then have his/her photo essay displayed --- on the "WEB" --- for fun or profit!

Currently on is the 128 slide/100 image offering "A TRIP DOWN SILO ROAD".

This photo essay addresses the question “Silos, barns and the "family" farm… Where have they gone?

This PEN production displays images of old, idle family farm silos and barns located in a range of states across the USA including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Utah. The associated commentary keys on the increasing decline of the number of family farms and what the loss of that wotk ethic may portend for life in the 21st century. The empty and
solitary farm silo is seen as an "icon" standing on the horizon of our world's "landscape".

Web viewers may easily down-load the entire photo essay OR individual photos.

“PEN” is created to encourage new photo essays from anyone with a digital camera and an idea
to articulate. The variety of ideas is limited only by imagination and good taste.

"PEN" is not another photo gallery ... it is an album with an attitude!

The Photo Essay Network

20071 Inverness Square
Ashburn, VA 20147

703 726-9249

Douglas W. Stowell (1942 - ) is a new ventures consultant living in Ashburn, VA, USA. Internet research projects led to a strong interest in the power of the “Web” to communicate ideas, both visually and in words. He introduced the PEN site in July, 2008, providing anyone with a good idea to “show and tell” the opportunity to participate on the “WEB”. The first offering is “A Trip Down Silo Road” ... a photo essay testament to the role of the family farm in our heritage. Ideas are welcome for a new PEN idea. His EM is dstowell AT The PEN phone number is 703 726-9249 in Ashburn, VA (DC Area).

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