Friday, 12 September 2008

French market pictures

Many of the bloggers on Farm Blogs From Around the World sell their produce at weekly markets.

I go to our weekly local market every Thursday, sometimes helping out
my cheese making friends and neighbours, or selling my books in July and August, and as a customer virtually every week.

In fact, as a family of five, we do nearly all our food shopping at the market, save staples like rice and pasta, and some other meat which we get on barter or buy from a friend who produces organic beef or from our local butcher.

We also do other barter (e.g. hay for potatoes), have our own garden, orchard and chickens, and best of all, there is our very generous 86 year old neighbour Jean-Baptiste who has to be the best vegetable gardener I have ever met, and who gives us lots of produce and advice.

If you'd like to look at photos of our local French market here in the Auvergne, you can visit my blog
A Place in the Auvergne and click onto the label 'Marche' or look for any posting titled a Thursday.

I started this blog at the beginning of the year (but the labels only later in the year, so again, look for postings from any week entitled Thursday) so you can see the produce, colours and crowds of the market right through an entire year.

For my follower
The Dairy Princess in particular, here are some photos of the goats cheeses made by another of my local friends, photos you can also find at A Place in the Auvergne, Thursday, 11th September, 2008.

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