Sunday, 7 September 2008

Organic Growing Pains Recommends

I recently did a posting on Farm Blogs from Around the World about Peggy at Organic Growing Pains in Ireland.

Peggy has links to Food, Fun and Farm Life in East Africa, as well as to Life on a Southern Farm, both listed here at Farm Blogs from Around the World.

However there are a few others she would like to recommend:

  • Dave's Allotment (which I think is England, and, which from a quick glance, has to be one of the finest allotments I have seen in a while)
  • Scarecrow's Garden (Mid North of South Australia on a half acre town block)
  • Freedom which Peggy thinks is based in Australia but has contributors from all over the world, a network of '978 freedom gardeners'.

As ever, I will be adding the above to the blog roll here at Farm Blogs and contacting them myself for more info and their recommendations.

N.B If you just want to see Recommendations postings,

click on the label Recommendations for a full list.

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