Monday, 15 September 2008

Nirvana Organic Farm (South Australia; 4.5 ha; fruits, nuts, berries)

Nirvana Organic Farm and Garden was recommended to me by Scarecrow's Garden, also in South Australia.

Deb from Nirvana Farm was kind enough to write to me with some more information and some photos.

"Nirvana Organic Farm is situated in the Adelaide Hills just 20 minutes from the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

In 1983 the valley and surrounding hills were covered in impenetrable blackberries. Deb and Quentin undertook a ten year plan was to turn this degraded area into a dynamic system which has turned it into Nirvana …. The true Garden of Eden.

Biodiversity of this 4.5 ha landscape is the key; whether it is the large range of fruit, nuts and berries, ground covers of grasses and herbs; soils bouncing with life; home vegie garden; firewood forest; historic oaks and camellias; native vegetation and special wetland.

Geese graze the orchards and along with fowl provide the basis for compost.

Bio Dynamic methods are used to enhance the system.

Nirvana contains many natural springs which form the beginning of Scott Creek. Water management and creek restoration are evident. These waterways form an important eco system for beneficial birds and insects. They blend to complement native and planted areas forming an integrated system that is a creative landscape at its best.

In addition to producing main crops of Chestnuts, raspberries, red white & black currants, gooseberries & Kiwifruit.

Other produce is valued added by Deb into a unique range of jams, jellies, pickles & most popular fruit vinegars. All our produce is sold via our on farm small shop.

Educational farm /garden tours & a series of short courses are also part of the mix to inspire other at what can be achieved.

Nirvana is also the ‘home’ of the Adelaide Hills Biodynamic Group. All the preparations are made & distributed from here and the Study group also meets here."
As an off-shoot of Nirvana Organic Farm, Deb also writes another blog, also recommended by Scarecrow's Garden.
This is more about the lifestyle that goes with Nirvana Organic Farm and is called Kitchen, Garden and Veranda.
(You can find a posting about Kitchen, Garden and Veranda.)

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